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    Don't dump the cheese - just dont store it for too long before eating. The risk is small but commercially it would not be permitted. It is also a good idea to place a separate rack (e.g. a cake cooling rack) on top of the cooking grate before putting in the food. This can then be removed and washed between smoking batches, further reducing any risk of cross contamination. This is less important when hot smoking as the BBQ heat will effectively sterilise the grate - but with cold smoking this does not happen.
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    For food safety it is always best practice to smoke raw/cured meat and ready to eat foods separately. Yes, the salt and cure will have inhibited bacterial growth however there will still be some that remain viable. Inside the smoker you will have an air flow running upwards through the smoking chamber which can spread any spores that are there. If the bacon is on the bottom the rising air could contaminate the cheese above. If it is on the top the bacon could drip onto the cheese. The risks are lower with the cheese on the top (or to one side) however you are then likely to then store the cheese for longer before eating - and you are likely to be eating it uncooked. My recommendation would be in future to smoke the cheese first and afterwards smoke the bacon. The cost of the extra dust used will be relatively small.
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    Hi All, I picked this up on ebay for £15.99...tried it on the weekend and worked fine. Had a 9hr smoke and there was at least 2-3 more hours left if I wanted to let it go. Dont know how long it will last but it's a cheap way to explore your options. Cold smoke stainless steel Sparbrand BBQ smoking spiral cold smoke generator
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    I have one of these step up grills quite good as an alternative to a cake rack and provides extra cooking space with the ProQ Frontier if Hot Smoking also available for other different models in the ProQ range. Get a lot of use out of mine. Glad it was a success yesterday 👍
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    This is my video on how to make Homemade Bacon, some might agree, some will not agree, but this is my method.
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    Great video. Clear and simple
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    @Wade cheers on the cake rack idea, safer and easy to do. Ice.
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    Phil are you going to use it over a week or two??? if not it's better to leave it in a block. Ice.
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    It all went well. The cold smoke generator used 4 sides after 9 hours. Still a good few hours left in it. I just pushed the smouldering bit back in the maze to stop it burning. I had a nibble of the cheese before vac packing it. It is already really nice. If it only improves with time, then it is going to be amazing. The bacon is now packed too, will be sliced at the weekend. Thanks, Phil.
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    Brilliant mate....I do the very same method, works out great....got 3 slabs in the fridge right now....got another 2 or 3 days left. Ice.
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    That’s great you make it all yourself. I definitely want to start making more of my own stuff. I very rarely buy sauces anymore. I’d rather just make my own. If I had a larger garden I would grow some veg. For now I make do with my herb garden.
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    Smoked for 16 hours yesterday evening until this morning with Hickory. Now vac packed until Xmas.
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    Hide them in her Shoe Cupboard, she will new never find them
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    Just noticed that the letter "cue" isnt working on my (cannot type the letter itself obviously). New keyboard on order and should arrive Tuesday. Untill then I just havent got a cue 🙂

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