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    Just finished the curing. Ready to smoke it tonight! Smells absolutely lovely.
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    Smoked for 16 hours yesterday evening until this morning with Hickory. Now vac packed until Xmas.
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    This is my video on how to make Homemade Bacon, some might agree, some will not agree, but this is my method.
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    I know we all love using the BBQ, we wouldn't be on here otherwise...but what other cooking do you do on a day to day basis? I use sous vide more now than ever, slow cook pot. Recipes run from a full pork roast on Wed, roast tatties, carrots, sprouts, the works. Thur I did a bacon and pea risotto. We both love our own Indian and Chinese meals, I love making pasta it's so easy. I have a chuck for today, not sure yet what to do with it?? any ideas?? Ice.
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    OK gang, I have never cold smoked before so i have a few questions. My Pro Q CSG and dust has arrived from James @Smokewoodshack.com. (Lovely bloke, amazing customer service) I will be using the Pro Q Frontier, both stacks so the bacon is a good distance away. Temp today is not supposed to get any warmer than 9C and the smoker will be inside the the shelter, so the sun won't warm it up. I assume this is OK? Its the Angus and Oink Christmas cure and I wonder which wood you might think will go best? Options are Oak, Apple, Maple, Beech, Cherry and Hickory. How long do would you seasoned pros recommend for a first try? Thanks, Phil.
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    Great video. Clear and simple
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    Side by side. 👍 A good plan. 👍 Is it sad that I am quite excited? Phil.
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    Apple sounds a great choice, i find it not to overpowering, but still a nice flavour with cheese and bacon. But as with everything down to personal preference. Sure everybody does it different, I put the cheese n a kitchen bag in the fridge for 24-48 hours to let the smoke disseminate through the cheese fully before vacpacing after smoking and leave it for at least 2 weeks before eating. Bacon should be good for next weekend if you leave it a couple of days or longer like the cheese before slicing and packing/eating in my experience Is the cheese or bacon over each other? as they both can leak a bit during smoking, just watch for contamination if so, If either side of each other should be fine. Just see where it burns to when you take the bacon out and will give you an idea where to fill it to next time. You'll be a convert by xmas I am sure. I have 3kg of cheese, 4 kg of bacon, 1kg of nuts and 3kg of salmon to cold smoke still for xmas for me and family members. I hope I haven't left it all to late. Got a timetable but weather can be so unpredictable at this time of the year
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    Thanks @sotv, Smoke underway now. I went with Apple. Monitoring the temp in the chamber and it hasn't gone above 11C. So hopefully OK. As I am using apple, I have also put some mature and extra mature cheddar in. These will get 3 hours. I am going to take the bacon to 8-9 hours. I did fully fill the CSG (I was excited!), but will use less next time. I was going to leave both bacon and cheese for a couple of hours then vac pac. Leave the cheese for at least a week but more maybe before trying it. The bacon will be used next weekend anyway. Does that sound about right? Phil.
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    All dependant on taste, I prefer a milder smoke taste than a stronger one, personal preference would be beech and apple mix, but if you like a stronger one Oak or Hickory would do the job. I have settled on 9 hours for smoking my bacon on average for a not too powerful finished smoke flavour also. I tend to look for a slightly colder outside temp than 9c for bacon, but sure you will be fine. Tend to leave mine in the fridge in a sealed container or clingfilm for 3-5 days for the smoke to settle afterwards , before slicing and packing Don't think their any set rules when cold smoking bacon, All trial and error till you find your bacon nirvana. Also a full ProQ smoke generator will burn for 16 hours so if intending to do less than that, fill the maze accordingly from the outside in for the amount of time you need i.e. 6 lengths of the maze from the beginning should give you 9-10 hours , save wasting any dust, or if you have to go out and leave it unattended.
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    It doesn't take that much time or space, I do use a pasta roller/cutter...but to know what's in the pasta is worth it to me. Since curing bacon & making my own sausages it makes you aware of what other "crap" producers use in their brand name food. Sausages for instance...can be as little as 10% meat..one top name s/market own brand had only 7% meat and not pork for that matter. Ice.
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    Enjoy the fruits of your labour Markie. Ice.
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    Hi Ice, Yup turning everyday or so. That Stilton looks awesome, well done. I'll have to try that next. Cheers n Gone Nick
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    Problem solved...I'm going for a FAMA TS12....should be here by Tue.....who knows I may even do a video on it....there's not a lot on the tube about them. Ice.
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    👍 Just got back from Lidl and they had a big display of Mixed nuts on offer for this weekend £1.39 for 200g, (25% Hazelnuts, 25% Walnuts, 25% Almonds, 25% Cashews) Hadn't noticed these before, bagged and raw, going to mix 4 bags of these with some Brazil nuts i picked up from Morrisons and roast and brine them following Wades method later this week.
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    Well done dude, it's turned out ok after all...The trouble with cheedar is the year you need to mature. Stilton is just as easy and it only takes 12 weeks to mature, that's when it's at it's best. A couple of photos...... Ice.

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