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    Hi Stumbled on this site after looking into the Kamados from Lidl. I have a Pitt boss 24 inch kamado and also a small Kamado i made from a keg (it needs a bit of tlc before I can use it again) Been smoking meat for a couple of years now and haven't looked back Nige
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    Some better photos of the inside
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    Roaaaaaddddtrrriippp I’m in
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    This time next Friday those that are booked for billing will be relaxing and chewing the fat. Ice.
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    Aye I got the menu thing too . I was a bit WTF . Still if we all stuff the food up it’s a backup 😅.
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    Hi A couple of years ago when I really wanted to get a kamado after my gas BBQ rusted out but couldn't justify the cost as all I could find in the UK at the time was BGE or kamado Joe both were out of my price range so I decided to make one. Photos below If you want to know how I made it let me know
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    I know I love to low and slow and think of various methods of cooking/ smoking etc but there is one thing that will always remain in the top ten for me and that’s a good burger. Stopped by at Cheerbrook Farm Shop today near Nantwich and picked up a few steak burgers. Grilled over lump wood at high temperature on the Smokey Joe; toasted fresh roll and lettuce, tomato, dill pickle, mustard and ketchup. P.S - I also bought an Angus Brisket point, so hopefully attempting Burnt Ends tomorrow!!.
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    Welcome. I like your set up. Looks like a handy outdoor kitchen.
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    Yep. Relax. It will be fine.
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    Good luck with this. It reminds md if when I did my first. Rested for three hours in cool box as Wade advised and it was wonderful.
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    Yep, makes perfect sense. Will do that. The brisket was delivered today. Nobody in the office believed me when I told them that it weighed 7kg, so I asked them to pick up the box 😂
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    Be careful if you are going to inject. Too much injected marinade can often turn it into a pastrami rather than a brisket and it can also end up giving an "ammonia" edge to the flavour. Personally I prefer just using a rub or just salt and pepper and then vac packing it overnight. Your proposed timings will be fine but please take note of what I said above. A little injection goes a long way.
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    While it is still hot, wrap it in foil and then some old towels before placing it in the cool box. It collagen will continue to break down during this period.
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    Yep the Friday social is a beautiful thing. I will do the drumsticks then and serve up some smoked cheese and smoked salmon.
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    Work this weekend so hopefully it's quiet and I can throw some paint on this.
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    Interesting stuff. Don't necessarily disagree as I need to try it for myself however I'm a huge Aaron Franklin fanboy and found the clip where he talks about it (albeit briefly).
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    I'll weigh in on the bits I'm familiar with. The majority of people will take their brisket from the fridge, season it and leave it to come up to room temperature before cooking. Leaving it to come to room temp. is the most important part here so as long as you're not injecting or rubbing with anything too crazy (I've been told pineapple juice breaks down the meat and so isn't advised as an injection) then you'll be fine. I trimmed my brisket the night before and rubbed in the morning, however I've currently got a pork shoulder on the go that was trimmed, injected and rubbed the night before and was fine this morning. If I were in your situation, I'd try to trim it the night before and then inject and rub it around an hour before smoking it. I am trying to be authentic though .
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    Me too. Swore by it for years, especially in my UDS but this new stuff is like a bag of hollow gravel! Thanks Dave I'll check that out.
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    https://www.facebook.com/groups/smartfireowners/ Just a heads up... While we will try to answer all your queries on the forum, sometimes it may take a little longer than expected. The Smartfire Facebook Owners Page is full of info and also has a good following of helpful and friendly people, who might have experienced the same, or similar issues you have setting up, or running the Smartfire. Ian
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    Wrap in foil then place in coolbox and it will keep warm for a couple hours. gives flexibility to service
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    They are healthy to eat !! You burn off so many calories trying to catch the little baskets !
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    Remind me - did you cool the brisket for a while before putting in the coolbox? Meat & Cleaver were great - the order fell just a couple of quid below the free delivery charge, but they waived it anyway 😀 It's a whopper – 7kg – and they offered to cut it down to 5kg, but I thought I'd try a beast first up, just to see how it goes (we'll be eating leftovers all next week, most likely…) Can't wait to get started!
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    Do you serve it with Nuts? 😂
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    All blasted and ready for paint. Flue welded in.
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    Rather than hijack another thread as I've been asked a couple of times how I built my outdoor cooking area from mainly recycled materials, so here goes. I'll add some photos at the end. The frame is the only bit that I had to buy, I was going to use telegraph poles, but they leach tar/creosote and are notoriously hard to find so i bit the bullet and went for 3m 4"x4" fence post uprights, th rafters are 6"x2" tanalised construction timber. Its about 2.5m wide at one end and 2.0m at the other with a dog leg in the middle due to the Devon bank behind it. The frame was braced with 45° noggins screwed I to place as in photo, cost of framework was about £100. The roof is reclaimed wriggly tin from a farmer up the road, right place right time.... free. The pallets were from a local roofing company who were glad to get rid of them.... free, I broke them up with a pry bar and recycled all the nails. A pallet is about 1.2m long so I put in some 3x3" uprights mid span to fix the pallet planks too, had to do a bit of jigging about because of the bank behind.... they are protected so we cant touch them.....much. I put a concrete pad in the corner as I am building a cob oven this summer. Ok all the slabs are reclaimed and we got them from Facebook marketplace.... just had to collect from a couple of places.... 60+ slabs....... free. So that's the story so far, it is being extended to the right hand side by a further 1.5m which is where the UDS's and Webber will sit, but not yet as we need to get a digger into the garden for some more landscaping. The left hand side will be blocked in to half height and I will make some shutters for when the wind blows.... we are almost at the high point of our village so it gets windy, the right hand side will have a roll up canvas for an entrance.... Any questions ask away.... loving my cooking over fire journey. @Raptor72 tagged you.

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