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  2. Is that 9 hours on one load of fuel or did you refuel mid smoke?
  3. Thanks SOTV, I've bookmarked that page to try next time I have a beef
  4. sotv


    Loads of people all doing paella, you would have to carry me off after all those carbs and calories, in one sitting...😀
  5. sotv


    Still looks good with a nice crust on the outside and a good smoke ring. If you have a dutch oven or enamel pot with lid, perhaps try cooking it in there? After a quick sear in frying pan to retain the juices whilst cooking, Try smoking a piece of Beef in the smoker (save the drippings for the pot) for 60-90 minutes then put it in the pot with some liquid beef stock and vegetables and herbs leave beef to reach 145F in the pot. Remove the beef and leave juices to settle for at least 10 minutes, once it has, Sieve the remaining juice from the pot and add cornflour or granules and you have a cracking gravy to go with it or just reduce it with some madeira or BBQ sauce added for a sauce, if brisket Works just as well indoors if the weather isn't the best, minus the smoking part. Done this plenty of times with silverside and brisket
  6. Great to see you have got the hoist already in position to move this Beast!
  7. Mate. I do not worry. Just go for it . Keep temp 110 130 range . Indirect. Use temp probe. 67 degs C I did
  8. Cheers Simon, appreciate the pep talk. I just followed the recipe above, (1/4 cup of salt in 4 cups water) but didn't think that I was leaving it for three times longer than that recipe at the time. I did think about it yesterday, by which time too late obviously. I wouldn't stick it entirely in the bad cook box, but I definitely learnt a lot, not least that 2 chimneys of charcoal last exactly 5 hours with both the vents wide open on a windless sunny day 👍
  9. How much salt did you use? I am careful with the amount of salt I put on the meats I’ve cooked, was there a lot of salt in the brine? Remember that when starting out you shouldn’t expect perfect every time. I’m sure everyone on this forum has had a bad cook, I know I have. It’s all a learning curve so never get disheartened when one doesn’t work out. Good effort!!
  10. So, mixed reviews. Wife loved it, I felt it would be better cold with Horseradish. Like Justin, mine was also a little tough, not so bad it mattered, but not melt in the mouth. The outside of it was VERY salty. In the middle it was nice. All in all, I wouldn't use that brine again for a dinner dish, but I'd maybe do it for a week of sandwiches. It was really juicy, and would sit well in a New York deli sandwich for sure. I wouldn't bother putting any smoke on again either, it confused it all a bit. Bonus Yorkie pic at the end 😀
  11. So have to thank Justin for posting his was a bit tough because it's made me lengthen my cook, I'm at 61 deg now, been above 55 for about an hour when I foil wrapped it, so p'd off I lost my temp graph as it was a thing of beauty. Potato gratin just going in the oven, yorkies in a bit, broccoli, and the meat should stay below 70 till then. 1230-1300 luncheon it is 😁 0715 to 1230 probably at around 120 temps. I was lucky I had no wind, it's just picking up now and cooling the Landmann off a touch. I'll post some pics of it sliced. 🤞 it has been a worthy mornings work.
  12. Jump on this offer, they are really good bit of kit.
  13. Hi WSF frineds, the last flash sale of April is going【20% off】you may need one in BBQ season😂Deal Schedule: 22-Apr-2019 07:45 BST ‐ 22-Apr-2019 13:45 BST(6 Hours Only )Inkbird IBT-4XS with two probes: £44.99 - £35.99https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B076QBJVWX Inkbird IBT-4XS with two probes: £39.99 - £31.99 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B076Q9JSKL
  14. That's what she looked like post brine.
  15. And we're off... Shooting for 60 IT, steady as she goes 😁
  16. Last week
  17. Speaking as a man with the worst sweet tooth/willpower combination I know, I should embrace every opportunity to cut sugar from my diet and I really do want to. Definitely starting on Tuesday, maybe Wednesday depending how Tuesday goes....😂 I've just sat watching a bit of Tele, got peckish, ate 3/4 of a tube of Mini Eggs. 😥 Starting again froooom.....Now.
  18. I'm doing mine tomorrow, proper got last minute nerves, panicking I've brined it too long, not got enough charcoal, won't be ready in time, you name it, I'm worried about it. Yours looks great, good job.
  19. After reading about in (From Steve I think) I bought a couple of these for use in my callow https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/kitchen-products/kitchen-organisers-shelves/variera-pot-lid-organiser-stainless-steel-art-70154800/ I cur the last two upright pillars off and it makes a perfect rob rack for the Callow. You can then get 2 racks of ribs in smoking at the same time.
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