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  2. I used weber cleaner and scrubbed with wire brush, then hot wash on dishwasher and then it came of easier with the wire brush again and a scraper. looking cleaner that is for sure, not perfect but better . Took about an hour on and off
  3. I use this recipe to make homemade broth i use for braising meats in the smoker or Stews in general done in the house, that I found on the net. Can take a bit of time, but produces a good nice flavoured broth. I have a 3.2L slow cooker so quantities can be adjusted according to the size of the slow cooker 1.5 kg of bones (from butchers shop or use bones that you have leftover from a Sunday roast, chicken lamb etc) I use the marrow bones you can get from Morrisons works out about a £5 for 1.5kg 2 Celery Stalks 2 Carrots 1 Medium Onion 2 Garlic Cloves 2 Crushed Egg Shells 1 tbsp of Salt 2 tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar 1.5 Litres of Water Herbs of choice I usually use Sage, Thyme and Oregano but Rosemary or Parsley goes well also Throw everything in the pot and the chopped vegetables and herbs and cook on low setting for 24-36 hours (Can be up to 72 hours if desired). Strain thoroughly and can be kept in fridge for 5 days if sealed or frozen into ice cube trays in the freezer if not a suitable container available and used accordingly. You can top-up with water if desired if boiling dry or you want more finished quantity but 36 hours of low cooking on mine produces just over a pint and a half of nice flavoured broth for me and meets my needs, without any topping up.
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  5. Agreed, also mention premier member status also contributes to costs,
  6. 100%...any monies made on the raffle should in deed go to the running of the forum. The cost of running this forum is all down to @Wade & @Smokin Monkey so lets all help out?? That's my 2 cents for what it's worth. Ice.
  7. sotv

    Lamb Scrag End

    Did you do it in the end? and how did it turn out if so.
  8. Will have to ask Joyce how much we changed last time. And for my two penneth worth, lets raise funds to put towards the running of the Forum
  9. How much for tickets. Fiver ir tenner a strip? How much trying to raise. Hopefully more than the prize pot?
  10. A raffle will be ok. We are not running the national lottery! There will be no Raffle posters, no suppliers advertising apart from packaging. People will only be asked to buy a ticket who visit the cooking area and show an interest.
  11. Finding a Tri-tip can be difficult in some areas so we thought let's give one as a prize in the raffle??. It will be in the travel fridge for the hour it take us to Billing, then it'll be safe in @Smokin Monkey trailer fridge, until Sunday morning, who ever wins it would only have it for the journey home...so bring a cold box.. Ice.
  12. I think a raffle should be ok. We had a summer fate at my boys preschool, and they did a raffle with no problem.
  13. I don't think Billing will be too happy with us trying to sell tickets for our raffle. Ice.
  14. Not to be a killjoy . But in this day and age probably advertising a raffle at something like this could infringe on something
  15. Hi John, I am not aware of any competitions in Scotland, could be wrong. Could always have a look on KCBS Website
  16. That looks awesome. I’m writing this at 0800 and it’s made me wanna eat some ribs
  17. Good set of prizes. Who will run raffle and has tickets? How will we sell them wider into the campsite. What pricing?We need a sign advertising it so people know what is going on.
  18. I could do vouchers but was thinking of an igrill2? Or similar
  19. Haven't really got any spare kit. But happy to pop up the supermarket before Friday, and get a good selection of the Bullseye sauces for the raffle.
  20. What do you have in mind.......a set price "voucher" then ?? Ice.
  21. I’m happy to donate something but would have to buy on Amazon and then get it delivered to someone’s address who is going as I can’t make it.
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  23. I have several new gadgets donated by Callow that I can bring And some Oregano and Thyme smoking pellets
  24. Hi, I a very new to smoking and was looking for Local BBQ competitions or events in Scotland that I can go and see. Thank you John
  25. Preparing a fatty would be a good one
  26. I’ve got a Jumbuck 57cm BBQ still boxed, (a little battered) I will put that in. @Mack do you do gift vouchers, would be happy to give £20.00 on a voucher. I have a small Pork Loin we could cure for Bacon and let someone who is interested take it home. I wonder if we could get a signed book from Marcus? All Ideas.
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