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  2. If all goes well a bit of everything. Still in its infancy atm
  3. Hi Mike Now you have me interested as i have not heard anything about anything in Portsmouth next year. Keep me in the loop mate. Is it going to be a BBQ comp or just a big event?
  4. OK, will have a read tonight and write up the main points.
  5. Thanks for all the comments on the table. I'm surprised it came out so well as it's all made from pallet wood. I keep being told to offer to make them for people but wouldn't know how to price them. Also with regards to big meat being canceled there maybe something portsmouth based next year 😉😉
  6. I would love to see the section from the Hawksmoor cookbook as well. I love using Australian Brisket's as they are Grain fed but the flavor is really good.
  7. Hi Mike That's an amazing job on the table with built in Weber. I am new to this group and i also only live 30 minutes from you. You never know we might bump in to each other. Shame that the Big Meat was cancelled this year. Welcome to the group anyway.
  8. Hi Martin Depending on how hot you will be smoking the pork you may find that the ProQ smoker will just burn the sawdust too quickly. You may want to try making a large foil parcel from several layers of kitchen foil, fill with your sawdust and then punch some holes in the top. Place this over the burning coals (though not directly on them) and you should find that it produces smoke over a longer period.
  9. thanks.. will give it a go
  10. Yesterday
  11. Welcome! That's a stonking project you've got on the go. Good luck with everything.
  12. Would be really interested in seeing that section!
  13. Don't worry, I'll just precis it. Easier.
  14. Hi Mike, welcome that's a nice looking table.
  15. If copying to the Forum, please quote source, copyright and all that. Sorry to be the Forum
  16. Hi Mike, welcome to the Forum. Serious Skills there mate!
  17. Hi Mike & welcome to the forum.....nice build you have there very posh... Ice.
  18. Pork injection I used was 1 cup apple juice 1 cup water 1/2 cup brown sugar 1/2 cup salt 1 TBS soy sauce 1 TBS Worcestershire sauce Link to his method below http://howtobbqright.com/pulledporkrecipe.html
  19. Do you have a link for the injection mix you used. Going to try it for the first time this weekend. Smoked one the weekend for the first time in a while and although it was ok and cooked through, it was a little dry. So would like to try an injection one this weekend, for the first time, to see if there is any noticeable difference
  20. Hi guys, I'm mike portsmouth based griller. Just looking to get more involved in the community. Always been a biker which has a fantastic social side to it so hoping bbq has the same. Currently have a 57cm master touch but looking to build a dual fuel barrel smoker. Running coals one end and then using a traeger style pellet feeder the other. Bit over kill I know but I've read there's pros and cons for both styles and I like making things in the shed so something to keep me busy. Here's the current project
  21. Is it true that all US beef is corn-fed and all British beef is grass-fed? I tried both at the New St Grill nr Liverpool Street, and while the corn-fed was tender, it had way less flavour than the grass-fed. There's a section in the Hawksmoor cookbook that explains the difference between the two, and it's rather illuminating... Will post it on here when I have a sec
  22. Once again Gavin welcome to the Forum.
  23. Once again, welcome to the Forum rubertoe.
  24. Not an awful lot of kit, Just the mini Kamado. Will be moving from our current home in a few months to a new abode, so when the sale completes and we move I plan on installing an outside kitchen with a wood fired Pizza oven. I love BBQ food, low and slow brisket, Pulled meats especially lamb. Trying to get that Hickorys smoke house vibe at home.
  25. Interesting, don t see why not, so long as it low temps so the mesh does not get too hot. Smoke is smoke. Maybe try and get some pellets next time. Wade can supply. Let us know how the dust method goes
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