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  2. Victor my mentor....Oh how we miss you... Ice.
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  4. You two are welcome anytime. Knocked it up this morning from an old Aluminium Sauce Pan I had knocking around. Could possibly knock up a video. Been messing around in the workshop the last couple of days, and made some alterations to the little Cast Iron Pot Belly Stove, also got a creation that will showcasing at a Tailgate, “The Kebab Rocket” 🚀?
  5. Rosie wants to know when we're getting an invite to try out some of these grilling machines..Rosie will bring the bread,cheese & bread pudding To be honest mate, that is brill, what about a vid on how you have done it??? Ice.
  6. Look what you have gone and made me fabricate @Icefever! Rotisserie for the Joy Stove. Made from an old Aluminum Sauce Pan, keep,your eyes open at forthcoming Tailgates!
  7. Never mind the aprons, there's a few of us could do with these, me included !
  8. Mind you mine will not compete with this temp range. " wide temperature range -100 to 1372°C" Gawd knows what you bbq at 1372°C . A very fast flash steak?
  9. Agreed, I have this one and it is ace. I use it a lot. It is it is instant read so a good checker thermometer . not 2-3 secs like more expensive options,. it is not tracker though. Meater does that for me if I want to track temp to a target https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07G18NFQ9/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1. £11.99
  10. I have Thermapen, Inkbird, and an infrared spot one, when you test them all on the same heat source, ie cup of hot water they are all in the ballpark figure but may dither 0.5c/1c across them all. Which is the best??? I'm not sure which one I would put in first place? and let face it taking the IT of a chunk of meat on the grill, what difference will 1c make?? Ice.
  11. sotv

    Thermapen MK4

    Are the Thermapens worth the extra over other instant read meat thermometers? Looking for something like these sort of things, and seem to be about £30 on ebay for the MK3 at the moment. The Thermopro ones seem very popular in the States but not so positive reviews of them over here
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  13. Yes I saw that on my fb page as well. Made me laugh but then i am a dog not cat owner
  14. This flashed up on FB... Ice.
  15. Icefever

    Another batch.

    Go for it...sort out the curing salt, koser salt, whatever you use then throw in a spoonfull of dried herbs, the herbs do shine through. Ice.
  16. Yes been watching all of his and he seems to like it. It seems the guys in the very cold climates are having more issues
  17. Nice one, i'm not looking for a new job but i'm up for joining the social club 😍
  18. Simon

    Another batch.

    I’ll give that dried herbs a try. Cheers mate
  19. Was there ever a time where a general election or referendum was full of the truth. There has always been misinformation.
  20. This a grill I knocked up at work for the works social club
  21. With the morons in the world at the moment, I can do a "Rant" most days........but yes go for it...come on guys have a "Tuesday Rant" Ice.
  22. We could make this a weekly item, “The Tuesday Rant”
  23. @James17 if you're still looking for reviews, give this guy a watch, doing some fabulous looking cooks on his smokefire. His latest Tomahawk Steak one really shows what it can do as well on the reverse sear side of things, more videos like his and I am sure peoples worries will start to lessen about this pellet grill. I still think some not all of the early problems (except for the hopper) were down to user errors and a bit of impatience and people buying them ready assembled in the US without checking the fittings had been done properly. We'll have to see, (those words could comeback and bite me in the backside 😀) just a few more weeks to wait hopefully, before they are sent out in the UK and see what sort of quality, build and fitting is for the UK buyers. It is clear the app needs some work, but that can come with updates over the coming months, but so long as it sets accurate temps for now, that is all that is needed to get started on it Noticed all Weber Smokefire purchases are getting a free Grill Academy course up to £99 when registered, they don't seem to offer any courses aimed at the smokefire itself, but some other interesting courses available though.
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