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  2. Looking forward to it. Make sure you get some pictures.
  3. That sounds like an issue there. See what the company says when you complain.
  4. I'm afraid it has affected it, its a b***h to light! Wouldn't light in the kettle, wouldn't light with my electric thing, in the end I've used a whole pile of kindling wood in the bottom of the grate and had a mini bonfire to get it going.
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  6. Not had any mine arrive damp, bag and lumpwood bone dry, but I suppose how and where it is stored may affect the bag over time. So long as the lumpwood is dry, it should be fine (If the bag still has dry dust in it, I would assume the damp hasn't affected it)?. If not happy and delivered locally, have a word with the coalman and see what he says. if online vendor a bit more difficult. I personally always transfer an open bag of CPL or any bag of charcoal into a big plastic storage box with a plastic liner as mine is kept outside in one of those plastic garden storage seats things.
  7. I've just opened my first bag of CPL and the inside on the inner bag, ( made from god knows what) is really quite damp. Is this usual?
  8. How did it turn out in the end?
  9. So I've been cogitating on this for a few days now, and I've decided to go down the brine route aka https://www.certifiedangusbeef.com/recipes/recipedetail.aspx?id=216 Made it up as per, and stuck in the fridge now waiting for Monday!
  10. Not new to the Forum, I am @Smokin Monkey but I have set up a new account as Dutchy, as I am going to be doing a lot more Dutch Oven and Cast Iron Cooking and want to keep the Low & Slow and Dutch Oven separate. Part of the Cast Iron Collection. Got this ‘Garden Range’ on order,
  11. Got a lot of Cast Iron already, Have a larger Dutch Oven not shown in this photo. Got a cooking Table set up, also got a small tripod. I have a pulley arrangement set up above my Tandoor Oven that I can lower Dutch Oven into Tandoor.
  12. There's no stopping you now......... go for it. Ice.
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  14. It's not rocket science @sotv If you look closely the joints are shall we say...... rustic. It withstood several Devon gales over winter so robust as well. Have a go the fun is in the learning.... I'm going to have a go at welding again when I build my UDS..... not welded for 30 years so should be a laugh...🤣🤣
  15. Projects like that always make me look on enviously, with something like that, DIY isn't my forte. Got to put some picture hooks up tomorrow, expecting to bring half the wall down with me in doing so. 😀
  16. Look forward to it, post some links when set up please
  17. Going to ramp up the Dutch Oven and All Things Cast Iron Cooking. Looking to use the name Dutchy, and Blog under Dutchy.Cooking
  18. There's some work gone in to that... Good build NB
  19. Looks great, and satisfying that most of it was reclaimed.
  20. Mine so far..... added the base for a cob oven since this photo. 85% reclaimed so far.....
  21. Did a 6kg hand a few weeks back..... that went to 18hrs, stalled for 3, it was worth the wait though..... Pulled pork sliders were lush. It'll be worth it @Wilf
  22. cheers Wade, two other points i'd ask is why can't the charcoal basket have a larger diameter? and the middle section could do with brace to help it keep its shape. Seasoning with lumpwood now and hopefully the brickets will arrive tomorrow and I'll give it a should of pork as a starter .
  23. Rather than hijack another thread as I've been asked a couple of times how I built my outdoor cooking area from mainly recycled materials, so here goes. I'll add some photos at the end. The frame is the only bit that I had to buy, I was going to use telegraph poles, but they leach tar/creosote and are notoriously hard to find so i bit the bullet and went for 3m 4"x4" fence post uprights, th rafters are 6"x2" tanalised construction timber. Its about 2.5m wide at one end and 2.0m at the other with a dog leg in the middle due to the Devon bank behind it. The frame was braced with 45° noggins screwed I to place as in photo, cost of framework was about £100. The roof is reclaimed wriggly tin from a farmer up the road, right place right time.... free. The pallets were from a local roofing company who were glad to get rid of them.... free, I broke them up with a pry bar and recycled all the nails. A pallet is about 1.2m long so I put in some 3x3" uprights mid span to fix the pallet planks too, had to do a bit of jigging about because of the bank behind.... they are protected so we cant touch them.....much. I put a concrete pad in the corner as I am building a cob oven this summer. Ok all the slabs are reclaimed and we got them from Facebook marketplace.... just had to collect from a couple of places.... 60+ slabs....... free. So that's the story so far, it is being extended to the right hand side by a further 1.5m which is where the UDS's and Webber will sit, but not yet as we need to get a digger into the garden for some more landscaping. The left hand side will be blocked in to half height and I will make some shutters for when the wind blows.... we are almost at the high point of our village so it gets windy, the right hand side will have a roll up canvas for an entrance.... Any questions ask away.... loving my cooking over fire journey. @Raptor72 tagged you.
  24. I would go and enjoy your film 😀 The dreaded stall. You haven't said the weight, but probably 3-4 hours minimum before 195F, even with foiling. I have cooked pork shoulder for 16-18 hours before it reaches 195F. it has all been part of the learning curve for me.
  25. well got my 1st attempt in since 11am... Pork shoulder. pro q sitting at 240 but damn pork has been sat at 156 for about 2.5 hours..... didn't think it would stall for that long so looks like the wife has to cook tea before we go to the cinema.. lol gonna wrap it in foil and leave it going see what its like later.
  26. Wade

    Smoked salmon v4

    Happy for you to visit. Can't do a whole weekend at the moment but you are welcome to come for the day. I will check with SWMBO for possible dates. Does it have to be a weekend - not a problem if it does but weekdays would give more options. Are you looking to see the smoked salmon production? I could put some BBQ on too for lunch 🙂 Salmon is in the smoker for the Easter weekend customers - most has already been pre-ordered. Lovely big whole salmon bought from Billingsgate yesterday (were still swimming on Monday). Once filleted each fillet is over 60 cm long and 7-9 cm thick 15 Kg of Almond nuts smoked yesterday too and 6 Kg of bacon will be going in the smoker tomorrow.
  27. Hi Martin The problem of the cover bolts loosening was identified while I was testing the unit and Callow were hoping to get locking washers included. Unfortunately the manufacturers didn't include them when they were made and packaged. As has been mentioned above, small lock washers (available from B&Q and other hardware stores) do the trick. The high temp nylon lock nuts would probably work too.
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