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  2. Hi, I have used plum on my kamado and it is a lovely wood, also used other fruit woods apple, pear, peach and cherry and although they smell slightly different when smoking I don't think I could tell the difference in the taste, all are great
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  4. Thanks for all the replies - Did my own SPGish at the weekend and I'm pleased with it. 2 tablespoons Maldon sea salt flakes 2 tablespoons ground black pepper (Indian preground) 2 tablespoons soft brown sugar 1 tablespoon smoked paprika 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1 teaspoon garlic powder Mid smoke I tried a bit and thought I'd over spiced it as it was hot. After the full cook it was amazing. The heat seemed to dissipate and leave a great flavour. Bought a shaker so I can have some ready to go for next time!
  5. It's a good one, great with all sorts of stuff.
  6. CWC

    Butcher paper

    Back in stock mid June https://prosmokebbq.co.uk/collections/bbq/products/pink-butcher-paper?variant=37462877198
  7. With you 100% Skagg...if you take on board all of what's out there you would never eat or drink anything ever again. 😉. Over the years we've been told that bacon, sausages, eggs, butter, red meat, beer, bla bla bla are bad for us...well I eaten & drunk my fair share of it all, and still do so today, I'm 73 and I'm still going strong, I'll live my life the way I want to...must agree thou stainless is best. 👍. Ice.
  8. Icefever

    Butcher paper

    Ok...I collect so no idea on P&P........as for the cookies not a lot I can do about that...😎 Ice.
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  10. I like the rubs from Firefly. Also like to make my own, but Firefly pig rub is the best, for me at the moment.
  11. Valid point. I've used it for ages in the Cheap Jack Joe & all family members are currently still with us with no apparent adverse affects Most metals will impart some form of residue when heated. Cast iron does it, albeit in a positive way for some, that's where the lucky iron fish came from that was used to add iron into the diet of those with iron deficiency. Consider the amount of non stick Teflon that has been consumed by people over the years from non stick pans etc. All the carcinogenic mollicles we are consumed through the process of bbq'ing or smoking. There is probably more crap in some of the fuels that people use that could cause greater harm long term I guess you just have to put the risks into perspective. Thanks for highlighting the point though. Cheers n Gone Nick
  12. Yes! never heard of it before reading this thread - I'll look it up. Thanks, yes Id wondered about that. I thought something designed to sit over a hot flame and cook food probably couldn;t go too wrong but it was rather a rushed purchase - the cake tins in morrisons were too big and my pork shoulder was in the fridge already 🙂 I will take a look around for alternatives but for £4 that let the games commence!
  13. It's not huge but galvanised metal releases some toxic gases I believe. Ideally you want something stainless steel I'd think.
  14. Looking good. I'm a fan of scotch eggs period. Just read a recipe for indian kofta scotch eggs for the bbq / kamado Cheers n Gone Nick
  15. Good spot 👍 still waiting for mine to turn up, hopefully not long now.
  16. Galviband is your friend for this & all kinds of other applications Cheers n Gone Nick
  17. So my classic turned up today, which was great. I bought it to have a pen that read degF as my original read in degC. I was told / read somewhere that the older Thermapen 3 was fixed in terms of reading, hence buying a newer one to get degF. So the unit arrives & no obvious instructions to change the reading, although it says it's selectable from factory settings. A quick online chat with ETI & it turns out that the dip switch 1 which is marked as not used is the one to set F or C. Apparently they don't highlight it to keep their US distributors happy somehow. So having change the new pen to F my thought turned to my existing one, sure enough, that also can be changed to F from the default C. I'm not sure if this is common knowledge but thought id share it with you guys in case it's of use. So now SWMBO has a pen in the kitchen set to C & I have one for the american recipes set to F Cheers n Gone Nick
  18. arian

    Butcher paper

    Aye, and £7.50 P&P for the 20ft sample. That's not a bargain :) (and 29 cookies, which seems more like storing a whole website :) )
  19. well done ..not had cornbread in yrs .. :)
  20. New member here also, having been convinced by this thread to pick up a little egg at Lidl. I didn;t want to wait for a deflector to be delivered so I picked up a fairly chunky little aluminium non-stick saucepan at Morrisons and screwed off the head. It fits nicely , seems to be working well, and cleans easily, but I am only resting on metal wire presently so I need to fashion some neat clips like some of you have done. I like to jump straight in so 7hr Pulled pork shoulder joint and 6hr fall-apart lamb shoulder cooked so far. The egg just sits at 130-140 for hours and hours with a few chunks of restaurant charcoal, it is incredible!
  21. I use Tom Hixson. Expensive but very good quality and you get USDA and Aussie meats etc...
  22. I fancied a challenge - so I made some scotch eggs on the kamado. They turned out great! What do you think?
  23. I cooked a small brisket joint on my Kamado Joe Junior this weekend. It turned out pretty good. I thought that it might dry out a little, so once it was smoked I put it into a tray with beer, onion, garlic and green peppers (copied from the internet) and covered it with foil for the last few hours. (I only used a salt and pepper rub.) Served with homemade BBQ sauce, homemade cornbread (turned out really well) and some potato salad. I might now splash out on a whole brisket now that I know I wont ruin it! Steve
  24. and finally cleveleys morrisons just got there big k delivery .. wife brought one home .. £17 with staff discount ... winner ...lol so about 45kg of charcoal .. might do a week or so ..
  25. If you re doing a Kleftico I highly recommend lamb shoulder on the bone. I live in Cyprus for 3 years and that was one of the best dishes there.
  26. Thanks for this, I'll certainly take a look and post any results that I have.
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