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Charcoal is one of the oldest chemical processes know to mankind, without it we could not have had a bronze age or iron age, as it was not possible to heat the metal ores to a high enough temperature for smelting. The Rockingham forest has always been a major centre for the production of iron, with the early tribes of the area using bowl furnaces to produce metal for their tools and weapons. All three of the necessary components for the process an be found in the area, the timber to make the charcoal, iron ore to produce the metal and limestone to remove it impurities. 

Charcoal is made by the controlled burning of wood, restricting the supply or air during the process. Throughout the burn, water and volatile compounds are driven off leaving charred wood in its almost pure carbon form, which when used as fuel burns with very little smoke and at about twice the temperature of wood.

Nowadays almost all the charcoal produced in this country is used for cooking on barbecues.


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