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The production of charcoal has been going on for at least 8000 years. Three Copse Woodland Products is continuing this tradition. Recent evidence has shown that the traditional earth burn was being carried out in our own woodland until the 1970’s.

The production of charcoal is now carried out using ring clamps or retort kilns, although some earth burns are carried out as demonstrations.

The ring kiln first appeared in the 1800’s but many people still carried on with earth burning up until the mid 20th century. One of the major advantages of the ring clamp is that it takes less time to both load and burn, with an average burn being 12-18hours rather than 36-48hours with the earth burn.

There are many reasons for buying British Lumpwood Charcoal. These include:

  • Easy to light
  • Ready to cook quickly
  • Can be topped up as you cook
  • Produces little ash
  • Contributes to sustaining local woodlands, local skills, and rural trade
  • Is not transported around the globe

By buying charcoal from you local producer you are helping to reduce your carbon foot print and you are putting money directly into the rural economy in your area rather than putting more money into the supermarkets’ pockets.

Email, sales@threecopse.co.uk

Tel, 02392 595147

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