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Welcome to BM Barbecue Pits

Start and Grow

A Profitable Mobile BBQ 
Business in your Local Town, 
City or country and make either a full-time or part-time income from your own recession proof cash business you can be proud of and actually enjoy.

It doesn’t matter what country or region you are in, what BBQ/Products you want to sell, how young or old you are The Mobile BBQ food sales are still not in every Town, City in the UK and even across Europe! The BBQ business is up for grabs!

YOU CAN MAKE CASH ON any show, festival, private event or even parked on the side of the road!bbq


What we do

BM BBQ Pit Makers, providing Barbecue Grill’s, Smokers and Trailer mounted BBQ pits. These pits use wood and charcoal as the fuel source. We make them for residential and commercial use and they are hand crafted by the best welders you will find. Our products are high quality and impressive. We have more than nine years of experience in fabricating BBQ pits. We produce various designs and sizes at affordable prices. We are sure that our pit will fit in to your requirements.

Description Bespoke BBQ Manufacturers
Email info@bbqmates.co.uk


6 Brunel Road
South Benfleet, United Kingdom SS7 4PS

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