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Commercial Expertise
For the last ten years, we've been bringing the best commercial smokers and backyard pellet grills into the UK. With over 500 commercial units sold to date, we have more hands-on understanding and expertise relating to commercial smoke-cooking in the UK.  And we share this knowledge with all our commercial clients.  It is not in our interest for you to do anything other than succeed.

We are the exclusive UK/EU distributors of Cookshack's SmartSmokers and Fast Eddy's by Cookshackrange of commercial barbecue pits and Grand Championship-winning hardwood pellet-burning smokers.

We reckon you'll find our smokers in most of the UK's BBQ chains and joints, and those restaurants, pubs, hotesl, and bars putting their own unique spin on low-and-slow cooking over smoke!

Backyard Specialists
We were the first major importers of backyard pellet grills into the UK and are sole UK/EU distributors for Green Mountain Grills and Flaming Coals.

We are also the UK dealers for Backwoods Smokers, La Caja China, and Cook-Air wood and charcoal-burning products.

For more on our backyard/domestic products, please visit shop.americanbbq.co.uk

Supplier of Cooking Pellets.

Tel 0800 644 4141

Email, info@americanbbq.co.uk

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