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Wood, Dust & Pellets


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  1.   FireFly Barbecue


    ProQ Wood Chips, and wood Dust

    Premium English wood dust (Apple, Beech, Oak,  Cherry, Grape Vine, Hickory, Maple, Pear, Whiskey Oak)

    Savu Smoke Bags

    Cedar Planks


    • Glossop, Derbyshire, East Midlands, England, United Kingdom
    • N 53° 26' 37.896''   W 1° 56' 52.76''
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  2.   BBQ Gourmet

    BBQ Gourmet Overlap (1500x1500).jpg

    Hi there.  

    BBQ Gourmet are the largest specialist supplier in Europe of BBQ rubs, sauces, injections, brines and marinades imported from the United States.  We also stock some specialist accessories like injectors, butcher's/peach paper, disposable chopping boards, cold smoke generators & smoker tubes, wood pellets, grill mat, and 48-knife meat tenderisers... to name just a few.  We also run basic and advanced BBQ classes taught by the Bunch of Swines Competition BBQ Team.

    Visit our website at www.bbqgourmet.co.uk - we ship all over Europe.

    We look forward to supplying all your needs.

    Richard Orme, Founder & Director

    • Unit 7-8 Rodbourne Rail Farm, Rodbourne, Malmesbury, Wiltshire SN16 0ES
    • N 51° 33' 28.601''   W 2° 5' 19.928''
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  3.   Smokey Olive Wood





    Welcome to Smokey Olive Wood!

    During a stay in Andalusia, we were introduced to the delicious taste of meat, fish and vegetables, prepared on an olive wood fire. A wonderful holiday feeling, beach restaurants preparing their BBQ grills in the late morning, lighting the olive wood fire with dried citrus fruits, sending a wonderful smoke scent along the beach with the light summer breeze…
    Back home, we absolutely wanted to get our hands on some olive wood to relive the good times. Alas, we found, it was rather hard to come by. Except in Spain of course! So we brought our olive wood directly from Spain, and as we’re at it, we decided to provide it to other BBQ lovers as well, in different sizes, and share this wonderful, sweet, aromatic taste.


    Whit Mill Farm

    Badby Ln, Staverton, Daventry NN11 6DE, UK

    • Daventry, Northamptonshire, East Midlands, England, UK
    • N 52° 15' 26.78''   W 1° 9' 50.256''
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  4.   The American BBQ Company


    Commercial Expertise
    For the last ten years, we've been bringing the best commercial smokers and backyard pellet grills into the UK. With over 500 commercial units sold to date, we have more hands-on understanding and expertise relating to commercial smoke-cooking in the UK.  And we share this knowledge with all our commercial clients.  It is not in our interest for you to do anything other than succeed.

    We are the exclusive UK/EU distributors of Cookshack's SmartSmokers and Fast Eddy's by Cookshackrange of commercial barbecue pits and Grand Championship-winning hardwood pellet-burning smokers.

    We reckon you'll find our smokers in most of the UK's BBQ chains and joints, and those restaurants, pubs, hotesl, and bars putting their own unique spin on low-and-slow cooking over smoke!

    Backyard Specialists
    We were the first major importers of backyard pellet grills into the UK and are sole UK/EU distributors for Green Mountain Grills and Flaming Coals.

    We are also the UK dealers for Backwoods Smokers, La Caja China, and Cook-Air wood and charcoal-burning products.

    For more on our backyard/domestic products, please visit shop.americanbbq.co.uk

    Supplier of Cooking Pellets.

    Tel 0800 644 4141

    Email, info@americanbbq.co.uk

    Web Site


    • Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, East of England, England, UK
    • N 51° 45' 4.24''   W 0° 28' 21.1''
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  5.   The Green Olive Firewood Co


    Green Olive Firewood – Quality firewood and Charcoal

    At Green Olive Firewood we bring you natural fuels for your Home fire, Chiminea, Firepit, Pizza Ovens, BBQ & Smokers. All fuels are sourced responsibly and we explain the benefits of each type.

    Buy Firewood Logs & Coal | Buy Charcoal, Smoking Wood Chunks & Chips | Browse bulk firewood bundles

    Free Delivery on all orders to UK mainland. We aim to deliver within 3 to 5 days from placing your order.

    The Green Olive Firewood Co

    Ridge Farm, Horsham RoadRowhook, Nr Horsham, West SussexRH12 3QB


    • Rowhook, Rudgwick CP, Horsham, West Sussex, South East, England, UK
    • N 51° 5' 44.429''   W 0° 23' 53.077''
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  6.   Four Seasons Fuel Limited


    A family run business in West Sussex
    Supplying to trade and public locally sourced logs (seasoned and kiln dried), coal, charcoal, briquettes, biochar, paraffin and bottled gas
    We also specialise in building charcoal retorts and provide wood processing machinery
    Free local delivery of most products  with nationwide delivery of some others.

    Tel:01403 20783379


    Web Site


    • Coneyhurst, West Sussex, South East, England, UK
    • N 51° 0' 17.1''   W 0° 25' 37.163''
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  7.   Hot Smoked



    Hot Smoked is Alyson, Caroline, Jane and David with occasional help from Ellie, Fynn, Frankie and Alfie. We specialise in all things food smoking - apart from the food, though we have been known to cook up some really very delicious hot and cold smoked dishes. We first got involved with food smoking when we purchased a smoker at the CLA Game Fair many years ago. Whilst the shiny smoker was intriguing to look at, as discerning foodies it was the amazing taste of the smoked food offered to us which convinced us to buy.

    Once we got into smoking food for ourselves, we thought we ought to let others in on the secret and started to sell a range of different food smokers to suit virtually all requirements. If you love to barbecue or cook outdoors you will love the extra taste dimension food smoking brings to the process. The possibilities really are endless and the rewards always incredibly tasty! 
    We continue to experiment with food smoking and are happy to share our various experiences with you.


    Tel:01823 20664452


    Web Site

    • Wellington, Somerset, South West England, England, UK
    • N 50° 58' 42.351''   W 3° 13' 39.233''
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  8.   Matt Cottey

    Hardwood Logs

    Kingston Road
    Taunton, United Kingdom TA2 7SA


    • Taunton, Somerset, South West England, England, UK
    • N 51° 0' 54.086''   W 3° 6' 10.731''
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  9.   Goulden's BBQ Smoking Wood



    The woods have been in the family for over 30 years. I’ve been supplying quality English Hardwoods to Turners and Cabinet Makers for years via my sister site Hampshire Wood Suppliers. Around 15 years ago I started supplying Oak and Cherry off-cuts to London restaurants and the smoking woods business was born. One year I delivered over ten tons of Oak to London in a Toyota Yaris!

    I am no expert in food smoking and have to admit there are many others in this world who are better at BBQ ing than myself.

    Tel 07891 20592067


    Web Site

    • Stoke, Hampshire, South East, England, UK
    • N 51° 15' 53.946''   W 1° 25' 22.468''
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  10.   Braai Wood UK



    After years of persuasion from a friend of mine, I decided to import a container of South African braai wood / Firewood.

    I really missed having a wood braai from the day’s when I lived in Cape Town and wondered why one couldn’t buy braai wood in the UK.

    I hope you feel the same way I do about braaing, use a good well known African braai wood to add that extra taste to the meat and been able to sit around a braai talking about the good old days.

    34 New Meadow
    SL5 8NF
    T: +44 7876 626649

    Email, simongregory1981@gmail.com

    Web Site


    • North Ascot, Ascot, Windsor and Maidenhead, South East, England, UK
    • N 51° 25' 6.772''   W 0° 41' 20.421''
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  11.   Smoke Dust (Coldsmoking) Limited




    10 Telford Way
    Blakelands, United Kingdom MK14 5LB

    Tel: 01908 661848

    Web Site


    • Telford Way, Great Linford, Newport Pagnell, Milton Keynes, South East, England, UK
    • N 52° 4' 22.35''   W 0° 44' 17.984''
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  12.   Guy Neath

    Wood chunks and logs

    • Abberley, Worcestershire, West Midlands, England, UK
    • N 52° 18' 29.339''   W 2° 21' 48.121''
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  13.   A & V Marriott

     Oak Logs and Sawdust

    • Pensax, Worcestershire, West Midlands, England, UK
    • N 52° 19' 3.662''   W 2° 24' 25.433''
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  14.   Eco Wood BBQ



    EcoWood BBQ is the subsidiary of the GreenPro Technologies OÜ Group, especially launched to provide the smoked and grilled food lovers and the companies, engaged in the BBQ business, with the finest wood for smoking and grilling. 

    We produce a wide range of the wood products for BBQ exclusively of ecologically pure raw materials of premium quality. 


    Tel 07441912729

    Email. info@ecowoodbbq.com

    Web Site


    • Stafford, Staffordshire, West Midlands, England, UK
    • N 52° 48' 22.737''   W 2° 6' 58.975''
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  15.   Sausage Hut


    About Us

    At Sausage Hut we are passionate about home made Artisan and Slow Food. In today's world we are constantly in a hurry without much time left to do anything at home. Thats what we tend to think anyway...but that's not necessarily true. Yes, preparing home made meats or cheese is not as quick as ordering a "chipper", but it doesn't require that much time. Home made stuff is healthier, cheaper, longer lasting and the true satisfaction from eating & sharing food made by YOURSELF is priceless.


    Try it! We offer any article you may need to create your own sausage, ham, cheese, liquor...


    Also, we offer any advice you may need, receipies and beyond!

    Please note: Our office is based in Dublin, however we are an online retailer only & do not operate a physical store. 



    Web Site

    Wood Chip & Chunks
    Phone +353 851 909 900

    • Dublin, County Dublin, Leinster, Ireland
    • N 53° 20' 59.15''   W 6° 15' 36.982''
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  16.   Smokewood Shack



    Smokewood Shack is a family owned business based in the Peak District that specialises in BBQ Smoking Woods & Grilling Planks to the Barbecue & Food Smoking Industry.


    Our customers include BBQ Restaurants, Smoke Houses, BBQ Teams, Street Food Vendors, Wholesalers, Retailers, Food Smokers and anyone who wants to buy high quality wood for food smoking  at great prices.


    We go to great lengths to ensure that we provide you with the best Quality Smoking Wood available in the UK


    Do not mistake our quality products with the cheaper and inferior products sold on other discount sites.



    Web Site

    • Glossop, Derbyshire, East Midlands, England, UK
    • N 53° 26' 37.896''   W 1° 56' 52.76''
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  17.   Wood Chunks

    37 Becconsall Lane
    Hesketh Bank, United Kingdom PR4 6RR

    • Barnsley, England, GB
    • N 53° 31' 26.335''   W 1° 17' 7.44''
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  18.   The Barrel Makers

    Oak Staves

    Ladypark Tyne & Wear NE11 0HD

    • Tyne and Wear, North East England, England, UK
    • N 54° 55' 0.001''   W 1° 34' 0.001''
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  19.   Druids Woods



    ... it's not just firewood ...

    01555 880000

    07858 933275

    Web Site




    • Sandilands, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, UK
    • N 55° 37' 19.045''   W 3° 46' 23.923''
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