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Charcoal Suppliers


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  1.   The Woodland Farm

    We make lumpwood charcoal for BBQ's, smokers and small grill charcoal - no chemicals- all hardwood

    • Uzmaston, Wales, GB
    • N 51° 47' 31.394''   W 4° 54' 2.12''
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  2.   Spicejerk (pimento products) LL


    Pimento products.

    Pimento/allsipce is a herb used in Jamaica to season meat to get the best result for barbecuing, jerk and cooking. The leaves and the wood for the tree carries the same flavour. Barbecuing with the wood and leaves gives the meat the rich flavour/aroma of the pimento berries.

    The pimento briquettes is made from the pimento wood, bamboo, pimento berries and pimento leaves.  


    • N 0° 0' 0''   E 0° 0' 0''
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  3.   Brockdale Alpaca Stud


    Here at Brockadale alpaca stud we select the finest hardwoods to ensure that our bbq charcoal is as good as it can be. Cooked on the fringes of brockadale woodsWentbridge.

    Are you sick of waiting 30/40 min with the stuff from tesco or asda, thats hard to light and lasts 15 when it's finally ready to cook on??

    Our charcoal is easy to light (no need for accelerants)
    Is ready to cook in 10min
    Long lasting 
    Infuses youre meat with smoother flavours 

    Priced at £2 per kilo

    3 and 5kg bags available 


    Tel, 07775516779

    • Wentbridge, East Riding of Yorkshire, Yorkshire and the Humber, England, United Kingdom
    • N 53° 38' 59.038''   W 1° 15' 51.688''
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  4.   Blackbark Woodland Management

    Hebden Bridge.

    Email, hywel@blackbark.co.uk

    Tel, 07816585661

    • Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire and the Humber, England, United Kingdom
    • N 53° 44' 26.602''   W 2° 0' 33.749''
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  5.   Wild Service



    I produce Biochar and some BBQ charcoal using green material and wood – the by product of my woodland management andthe production of greenwood craft items). The wood is heated in an almost oxygen free container to produce a carbon rich product. During the process moisture is driven off and the greenhouse gasses (such as methane and nitrous oxide) produced by the process fuel the fire that is heating it up. What remains (biochar) is crushed and bagged in 10 litre recyclable paper bags ready for use in pots, your greenhouse or on your garden.

    Email, info@wildservice.org

    Tel, tel:01484 768246

    • Marsden, Yorkshire and the Humber, England, United Kingdom
    • N 53° 36' 2.782''   W 1° 55' 40.45''
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  6.   Leeds Coppice




    Quality charcoal produced in our woodlands. Bags are sold by volume 15 Litres in a 2ply paper sack. Sold by volume due to variability of weight due to species and moisture content.

    There are many, many reasons why this charcoal is better than imported stuff.

    • Easy to light, no lighter fuel required.
    • Gets up to heat quicker.
    • Supports your local coppice workers
    • Promotes good management of local woodlands, thereby supporting great biodiversity in your local area. 
    • Not transported from the other side of the world.  

    Now available at

    Vale Stables ,

    Grove Lane, Meanwood, Leeds, LS6 4

    Redhall Nurseries

    Red Hall Plant Nursery, Red Hall Estate, Red Hall Lane, LS17 8NB

    Or direct from us £7 a bag,  or 10+ bags, £5 a bag. Just get in contact.

    Email, leedscoppiceworkers@gmail.com

    Tel, tel:07986 292638

    • Leeds, Yorkshire and the Humber, England, United Kingdom
    • N 53° 47' 50.704''   W 1° 32' 37.658''
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  7.   Bill Smith


    Email: bodgerbill3@gmail.com

    Tel, tel:07730 433660

    • Wrexham, Wales, United Kingdom
    • N 53° 2' 47.425''   W 2° 59' 37.73''
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  8.   Worcester Coppice Crafts




    We supply firewood, charcoal and kindling from sustainably managed local woodlands.

    All our timber is native hardwood, predominantly ash with oak, birch, hazel and hawthorn and logs can be cut to meet your requirements.

    Email,  tomamos@live.co.uk

    Tel, 01905 420118 / 07861729529

    • Worcester, Worcestershire, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom
    • N 52° 11' 30.584''   W 2° 13' 17.763''
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    • Warminster, Wiltshire, South West England, England, BA12, United Kingdom
    • N 51° 11' 50.092''   W 2° 11' 8.26''
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  9.   Gower Charcoal Makers


    An important part of woodland management is coppicing, this allows the structure of the woodland to become very diverse, which is fantastic for ground flora including bluebells and wood anemones, it is also vital for species such as dormice. Historically this management was done as a part of our very survival, we needed the wood for charcoal or simply our fires, this meant we were unintentionally improving our environment for nature.

    Since the Industrial Revolution our management of woodlands had declined and now it is often done for purely conservation issues. This has left many private woodlands un-managed letting them become dense and lose their native flora.

    The team out on the Gower, led by Paul Thornton, have decided to try and manage our woodlands there primarily for wildlife but also using the wood we take out to make charcoal – creating a product we can sell. This will show how woodlands can become productive again, benefiting people and wildlife You can find out all the goings on if you go to The Gower Charcoal Makers Page on Facebook. There are films, photos and much more.

    So now Gower Charcoal is now for sale, you can order direct from Paul – call 07966 564372 to arrange collection from Gower or find it at Williams Pet & Garden Suplies, Gowerton and Kittle Village Stores, Kittle.

    Coming soon to Mike Davies Leisure, Gower Rd, Killay, Llanmadog Community Shop, Llanmadog and to The Welsh Wildlife Centre, Cilgeran and WTSWW head office/Parc slip Visitor Centre, Tondu.

    Large bags £7.49 each, small bags £4.99 each
    Bring on the BBQ weather!

    • Bridgend, Wales, United Kingdom
    • N 51° 33' 25.848''   W 3° 33' 52.722''
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  10.   Bonny Wood


    Email, treecare@bonnyswood.com

    Tel, tel:01273 311043

    • Lewes, East Sussex, South East, England, United Kingdom
    • N 50° 52' 26.857''   E 0° 0' 43.606''
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  11.   Lyndwood Forestry


    We are the only local supplier of our own home made charcoal; made from Hastings fired timber. 


    We use Virgin timber harvested by ourselves, using our own eco-friendly horse drawn extraction method and traditional charcoal kilns to make our lumpwood charcoal to the finest restaurant quality.


    Lumpwood charcoal is large pieces that fill the Barbeque and bring the heat close to the griddle. It lights and heats very quickly so it delivers heat directly to the food without the need to add lighting aids.


    The very high carbon content burns cleanly and quickly to give the food a classic BBQ flavour whilst keeping it succulent.

    Email, lyndwoodforestry@yahoo.com

    Tel, 07882730867

    • Icklesham, East Sussex, South East, England, United Kingdom
    • N 50° 55' 0.35''   E 0° 39' 58.528''
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    • Arundel, West Sussex, South East, England, United Kingdom
    • N 50° 51' 14.619''   W 0° 33' 12.419''
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  12.   Wildwood Charcoal and Coppice


    Email, waters@wildwoodcoppice.co.uk

    Tel, tel:01243 778106

    • Halnaker, West Sussex, South East, England, United Kingdom
    • N 50° 51' 57.34''   W 0° 42' 36.939''
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  13.   Wildwood Crafts




    British Charcoal is great to cook with, pure with no additives, smokeless, lights easily without the need of firelighters or fluids. 
    Once tried you wont look back!

    A lot of charcoal sold in the UK (over 90%) is from unsustainable sources and being imported has a large carbon footprint.

    Our charcoal is made using sustainably coppiced timber from local woodlands around South Worcestershire. Charcoal sourced from well managed local woodlands in almost carbon neutral.

    Email, info@wildwoodcrafts.com

    Tel, tel:07814 487578

    • Malvern, Worcestershire, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom
    • N 52° 6' 41.558''   W 2° 19' 36.685''
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  14.   Wye Valley Woodman





    Charcoal-making is a speciality of the Wey Valley Woodman. He spends many a day tinkering in 3 black sooty kilns turning various hardwood trees into barbecue charcoal.You can buy direct in bulk (10 bags or more) or can purchase smaller quantities from the outlets listed below. 

    BBQ charcoal outlets include: 
    Godalming - Wakelings Butchers in Farncombe 
    Cranfields/Nisa Binscombe Crescent, Binscombe 
    Jet Garage, Ockford Road, Godalming 
    Milford - Meat and Fish Market, Church Road 
    Secretts Farm Shop, Chapel Lane 
    Elstead - Teasels Fruit and Veg, Milford Road 
    Bramley - Kilfeather and Dumbrill Butchers, High Street 
    Budgens, Petrol Station, Station Road 
    Cranleigh - Rawlings Butchers, High Street 
    Haslemere - Haslemere Garden Centre, Brook 
    Bells Butchers, Weyhill 
    Arnold's Garage, Shottermill 
    Headley - Applegarth Farm Shop, Headley Road 
    Pirbright - Fulk Brothers Butchers, The Green 
    Brookwood - Fulk Brothers Butchers, Connaught Road 
    Arborfield -Henry Street Garden Centre, Swallowfield Road 

    Also made: 
    Horticultural charcoal or "Biochar", which improves poor soils 
    Blacksmith's charcoal 
    Artist's charcoal 

    He also runs charcoal-making courses and team-building days. 

    Email, weyvalleywoodman@gmail.com

    Tel, tel:01483 424948 / tel:07964 934556

    • Godalming, Surrey, South East, England, United Kingdom
    • N 51° 11' 8.84''   W 0° 36' 53.665''
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    • Guildford, England, GB
    • N 51° 14' 8.509''   W 0° 33' 42.033''
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    • Hadleigh, Suffolk, East of England, England, United Kingdom
    • N 52° 2' 39.055''   E 0° 57' 15.224''
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  15.   Riverwoods


    Email, groundsforconservation@hotmail.com

    Tel, tel:01538 756138 / tel:07964 934556

    • Cheadle, Staffordshire, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom
    • N 52° 59' 18.38''   W 1° 59' 37.536''
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  16.   Neroche Woodlanders




    We are beginning to manage the forest at Young Wood, in a low-key, sustainable way, by hand, aiming to make best economic use of the timber available, and enhancing the quality of the forest for wildlife and social uses.  

    We are now producing our own Neroche Woodlanders Charcoal in small volumes - bags available now at £5 for a 2kg bag

    Email, gavin@nerochewoodlanders.org

    Tel, 07760665378

    • Taunton, Somerset, South West England, England, United Kingdom
    • N 51° 0' 54.086''   W 3° 6' 10.731''
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    • Taunton, Somerset, South West England, England, United Kingdom
    • N 51° 0' 54.086''   W 3° 6' 10.731''
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  17.   West Country Charcoal



    West Country charcoal is a sustainably produced charcoal made in somerset.Westcountry charcoal was formed in 2007 after years of working arboriculture and forestry and seeing a lot of timber going to waste either because its to small for fire wood or because the woodland is too small for modern forestry equipment.we at Westcountry Charcoal thought this was wrong we import 95% of britains charcoal from abroad yet we have so much unmanaged woodland of are own so we set about putting this right.From finding are first charcoal kiln in a hedge and restoring it to working order we are now the proud owners of four kilns and working in a woodland which holds somersets largest colony of breeding herons and over looks the somerset levals.
    The benefits of buying Westcountry Charcoal
    Burns hot and lights easy
    Helping to keep the traditional craft of charcoal burning alive
    Helping to manage somerst woodlands and their wild life
    Contains no additives
    Ready to cook on in 10 to 15 minutes
    Arron of westcontry charcoal..

    Email, westcountrycharcoal@yahoo.com

    Tel, 07961229145

    • Taunton, Somerset, South West England, England, United Kingdom
    • N 51° 0' 54.086''   W 3° 6' 10.731''
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  18.   Scout Wood Products


    Email, corrinnepeacock@hotmail.com

    Tel, tel:07503 299280


    • Telford.
    • N 0° 0' 0''   E 0° 0' 0''
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    • Telford, Telford and Wrekin, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom
    • N 52° 40' 40.951''   W 2° 27' 5.137''
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  19.   Black Horse Charcoal

    Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant

    Email, barbara@carnog.co.uk

    Tel, 07901741217

    • Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant, Powys, Wales, United Kingdom
    • N 52° 49' 34.363''   W 3° 18' 7.65''
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