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Not Smoked For Awhile

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Not Smoked anything for some time now, so the wife is away Christmas shopping, (my Meater + is already here!)

So last night while warming the Table Top Gravity Feed Smoker I popped some ribs in for Tea.

23.00 in went a Pork Collar from Bookers, rubbed with this,


Picked this up while in Tenerife, mixture of Granulated Garlic, Paprika Flakes, Oregano, Ground Cumin, Sweet Paprika and Thyme.

Hit the IT of 88’C at 10.00 this morning.




It is so juicy and falling apart.

Wrapped in foil and resting in a nice towel in the Cool Box.

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Brilliant....I can taste it almost,  we went to our Booker last Sat,  we hope to go just before Chrimbo will look for a pork collar....I fancy that. 


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The wonderful aroma is wafting out of my PC screen as I look at it:thumb1:. Looks lovely.

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