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Local authority registration for hobby production of smoked food

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As the subject suggests, I'm looking to find out if anyone successfully registered with their Local Authority for hobby production of cured and smoked food. 

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What do you mean by "hobby production"? If you are looking to make it and only give it to friends and family then you do not need to register. If you are intending to sell it to friends or maybe on a market stall then you will need to register with your local Environmental Health department at least 28 days before you want to start selling - regardless of the size of your operation.  A great place to start is here on the Food Standards Agency web site https://www.food.gov.uk/business-guidance/registering-and-managing-a-food-business

You will need to show them that you are competent with the safe handling of food and they prefer to see that you hold a food hygiene certificate - though it is not compulsory. 

Your EHO inspector will want to visit and see your premises, how you work, your food safety management system and the types of food you make and prepare. They will then monitor you at regular intervals to check that you are maintaining standards and that your paperwork is up to date.

Although there are some hoops you need to jump through it really isn't an arduous process and most of it is sheer common sense. Attached is a document that is really helpful to guide you through the process.

Safer Food Better Business Caterers.pdf

Before you know it you will have one of these that you can stick on your kitchen window :)


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