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Cococabanna Bricketts.

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 A quick review of the above, I used them on our new Jumpbuck spit,  started them as usual in a chimney.  They did take longer to come to a white heat,  after about an hour or so the temp started to drop so I had to put more on.

We carried on but when we checked the temp of the chuck it needed more cooking,  by now (2 hours) the heat was going so I had to add more bricketts. When it was all finished I noticed that there was a lot of ash to clear.  I will use the rest of the box this weekend and give them a 2nd go.....would I buy them again?????   I would need to know that they had improved the burn time. 


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Yeah I’ve got 9 kgs and found I had temp drops . They are really good in a small Bbq for grilling quickly 

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